EJCDC® has released the
2021 Construction Manager as Advisor Series.
This new series is intended for projects in which the Owner’s primary representative during construction is the Construction Manager (CM) as Advisor.
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EJCDC® 2021 Construction Manager as Advisor Series

EJCDC's new Construction Manager as Advisor Series serves the needs of projects in which the design professional focuses on core design and technical services, while a Construction Manager controls the contract administration from budgeting to scheduling to quality management.

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Many infrastructure projects are very complex, often involving multiple construction contracts over a period of years, creating the need for highly specialized administrative services provided by construction management professionals.

Some public owners are required by local rules to use a third-party (other than the engineer of record) to administer construction contracts, while other owners prefer to engage a third-party as standard operating policy.

The expertise that a Construction Manager brings to a project during the pre-construction phase, with scheduling, cost estimating, value engineering, and procurement, is a compelling reason to use EJCDC's new Construction Manager as Advisor Series.

When project owners manage contracts internally, the EJCDC® Construction Manager as Advisor Series is a valuable tool to define services and responsibilities, to set up appropriate administrative procedures, to establish the construction contracts,
and to outline the scope of the engineer of record’s construction-phase services.

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