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Engineering firm’s duty of care in drinking water case. In re Flint Water Cases— Bellwether I Cases. United States District Court (Eastern District of Michigan) (2022), by Hugh Anderson

Summary: The extensive litigation involving the condition of the Flint, Michigan,public water supply includes injury claims by children alleged to have sufferedneurocognitive harm because of their exposure to lead in the Flint water. In one ofthe cases the plaintiffs claim that an engineering firm retained by the city is liable forfailing to warn city officials […]

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Does paying a subcontractor’s workers’ compensation insurance premiums entitle the general contractor to the exclusive-remedy protections of the workers’ compensation statute? Munoz v. Bulley & Andrews, LLC. Supreme Court of Illinois (2022), by Hugh Anderson

Bulley & Andrews was the general contractor on a project on South Riverside in Chicago. Several years earlier Bulley & Andrews had acquired a company called Takao Nagai Concrete Restoration. Though it was eventually renamed Bulley & Andrews Concrete Restoration (Bulley Concrete), this subsidiary company was operated as a separate entity. The two companies had […]

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