The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) is a joint venture of three major organizations of professional engineers. Since 1975, EJCDC has developed and updated fair and objective standard documents that represent the latest and best thinking in contractual relations between all parties involved in engineering design and construction projects.

EJCDC volunteers represent a major portion of professional groups engaged in the practice of providing engineering and construction services, or participate in one or more of 15 other professional engineering design, construction, owner, legal, and risk management organizations. EJCDC volunteers serve on one or more committees responsible for the document creation process and the governance of the organization.

The General Committee of EJCDC is responsible for approving new documents and reviewing, updating, and modifying existing documents, as necessary, to reflect current trends in the industry. The General Committee also implements the Planning & Budget Committee’s recommendations for new projects and advises the Marketing & Promotion Committee on strategies to promote EJCDC documents, while continuing to improve the quality of existing EJCDC documents.

In addition to the General Committee, there is an EJCDC Subcommittee for each family of contract documents: Construction Subcommittee, Design-Build Subcommittee, Engineering Subcommittee, and Procurement Subcommittee. The purpose of each EJCDC subcommittee is to develop contract documents within a particular subject area or family of documents. Each subcommittee meets several times a year to develop and update contracts documents, ensuring that the documents reflect current business practices and legal decisions. EJCDC documents are among the most widely used standard form documents in America.

The American Bar Association has published a book entitled The Construction Contracts Book: How to Find Common Ground in Negotiating Design and Construction Clauses by Matthew A. Gillies, R. Harper Heckman, Brian M. Perlberg. This book includes  A Matrix of Selected Clauses in Three Standard Form Contracts that compares of over 30 select clauses in EJCDC documents and similar clauses in two other standard form documents.

EJCDC encourages the participation of representatives and liaisons from related organizations including the American Bar Association, the American Institute of Architects, the American Public Works Association, The USDA Rural Utilities Service, the Construction Management Association of America, the Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association and others.

EJCDC is primarily a volunteer organization that operates with a consulting executive/marketing director, retained legal counsel, and representative staff members from each of the three sponsoring organizations.

EJCDC Staff and Contact Information

1420 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: (571) 396-5495
Email: info@ejcdc.org

Katie LaPotin, Executive/Marketing Director
Email: katie@ejcdc.org

Zachary Jones, Legal Counsel
Email: zach@ejcdc.org

Rebecca Bowman, Copyright Administrator
Email: rbowman@nspe.org

Three Sponsoring Organizations and Contact Information

American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)
1400 L Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20005
Contact: Andrew Fort
Email: afort@acec.org
Phone: (202) 682-4330
Fax: (202) 789-7220

American Society of Civil Engineers
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, VA 20191
Contact: Katerina Lachinova
Email: klachinova@asce.org
Phone: 703-295-6300
Fax: 703-295-6391

National Society of Professional Engineers
1420 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Contact: Rebecca A. Bowman, Esq., P.E., D.F.E.
Email: rbowman@nspe.org
Phone: 703-684-2800
Fax: 703-836-4875