Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

The EJCDC Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) document series is intended for projects in which the owner retains a construction manager at risk (CMAR) to provide preconstruction services and then construct the project. The Construction Manager at Risk method of delivering projects evolved from traditional design-bid-build by involving the construction contractor early in the project. The new EJCDC CMAR Series is suitable for both public and private work. The series features several documents used for the project owner’s selection of the CMAR, such as a model Request for Qualifications, Statement of Qualifications, and Request for Proposals. The CMAR Series is offered for those projects where an alternative is appropriate—most notably when construction expertise is needed during the design phase, and fast-tracking of work packages will allow for early completion and cost-effective construction. The 2023 CMAR documents are modeled after their industry-standard counterparts in the EJCDC 2018 Construction Series documents but have been customized to address the nuances of a CMAR project.

CMAR Series Documents License Agreement

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