Procurement Documents (P-Series)

Procurement Family of Documents (P-Series) are specific for engineer-designed or specified equipment, usually procured with a long lead time.  The Summary of Changes P Series 2019 from 2010 can be seen here. The term “Procurement” as used by EJCDC refers to the purchase of Goods (typically equipment or systems that will be installed in a facility, or in some cases construction materials) and related Special Services. The purchaser (“Buyer”) is the Project Owner.  In most cases such a purchase will be initiated in the early stages of a project, before the overall design is complete and before the Project Owner has selected and brought a construction contractor under contract. The Seller will be either a manufacturer or a vendor/supplier. The EJCDC Procurement Series of documents provides the user with forms and documents for obtaining bids from prospective Sellers, and for establishing the Procurement Contract itself.

The ten documents in the P-Series include Instructions to Project Owners and Bidders, Bid Form, Buyer Seller Agreement, Performance Bond, Payment Bond, General Conditions, Supplementary Conditions, Notices of Receipt and Conformity of Goods, narrative guide documents use UCC terminology.  The current edition was updated in 2019. Terms and conditions for use can be found in the EJCDC 2019 P Series License Agreement 

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