Public-Private Partnership Documents

EJCDC® P3-508 is the first standard P3 contract document in the United States prepared by an impartial, professional, non-profit organization. EJCDC® P3-508 was developed following reviews of dozens of P3 agreements already in use, and with the advice of owners, attorneys, financiers, developers, contractors, and design professionals experienced with P3 delivery both in the United States and abroad. The result is a new EJCDC document that presents a framework of contractual conditions typical among P3 agreements, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of most public and private entities. EJCDC P3-508 provides for the attachment and incorporation of additional terms and contract documents as exhibits to address project-specific requirements relating to design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance, revenue, and management. While the P3-508 document can be used seemlessly with the EJCDC Design-Build (D-series) documents.

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