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P3-508 Public-Private Partnership Agreement


Public-private partnership (P3) arrangements take many different forms and serve many varying purposes. The P3 field is expanding and evolving rapidly. The 2014 edition of EJCDC® P3-508, Public-Private Partnership Agreement, provides a template that informs the parties of issues for consideration in finalizing a specific agreement for a public-private partnership. P3-508 provides for the attachment and incorporation of additional terms and contract documents as exhibits to address project-specific requirements relating to design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance, revenue, and management. P3-508 is drafted with this format to provide the flexibility required for the users to tailor their agreement to meet the requirements of the specific jurisdiction, and the nature and subject matter of their anticipated concession.

In preparing P3-508 for publication, EJCDC’s drafting team assumed that the core of the P3 arrangement would be a design-build project for new facilities, or for the renewal of existing facilities. While the P3-508 form can be used with a variety of design and construction or design-build documents, the EJCDC D-series of documents provides standard design-build contract forms that the user may wish to consider using with EJCDC® P3-508.

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