Coordination between families of documents

EJCDC anticipates releasing an update, early in 2014 to its E-500, Agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services.

The E-500 update aims to maximize uniformity and coordination between the EJCDC Construction series and EJCDC’s primary Owner-Engineer professional services agreement.  In developing the update to E-500, EJCDC standardized definitions to conform with definitions used in the C-series so that two or more documents from the C-series and the E-series can be used together on the same real-world project.

EJCDC introduced the concept of “Constructor” as a broad, catch-all term for those who participate in the construction project on-site.  Among other benefits, this new term allows clarity in defining and organizing the Engineer’s relationship to all Constructors beyond just the Contractor.  EJCDC added language to recognize Change Proposals and Non-Reviewable Matters in both the new C-series and the updated E-500.  The new edition of E-500 also includes updates that address C-700’s treatment of Defective Work, and a Notice of Acceptability exhibit that is compatible with C-700.



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