The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee Releases 2014 edition of the EJCDC® Owner—Engineer Professional Services Agreement

The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee today released the new 2014 edition of EJCDC® E-500, Agreement Between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services.

EJCDC® E-500 is a comprehensive standard contract for engaging an engineering firm to provide design services and related construction-phase engineering and administrative services.  E-500 is drafted with the intent that it can be used without major editing, or be readily customized while still preserving the primary elements of the document.


The terms and content of the 2014 edition of EJCDC® E-500 are coordinated with  the recently published 2013 edition of EJCDC’s Construction (C-series) documents, including EJCDC® C-700, the Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract.  E-500’s scope of services recognizes the Engineer’s role in the new C-series Change Proposal process, and also acknowledges limits on the Engineer’s construction phase role.  For example, the Engineer does not review disputes between the owner and contractor on non-technical issues such as insurance. Updates were also made to E-500 to address C-700’s treatment of Defective Work, and to establish a Notice of Acceptability exhibit that is functionally compatible with C-700 provisions regarding completion of the work and final payment of the contractor.

Substantive changes to the new E-500 document can be found detailed in the press release at this link 2014_E-500_Release


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